Zug, 06.05.2019

Two people injured, one seriously, in early morning road traffic incident in city

Two people were injured, one seriously, in an early morning road traffic incident in the city on Sunday.



The incident happened on Chamerstrasse at 3.45 am as three men were making their way home in a car. At the area known as Hohe Rank, the driver lost control of the vehicle, causing it to crash into a pedestrian island leading to two of the occupants sustaining injuries, one seriously so.


The three men involved, aged 32, 38 and 50, all showed signs of having been drinking and all three were duly taken to hospital to provide samples of blood and urine.


When questioned, the men gave contradictory answers. Indeed, it was thought there may have been a fourth occupant in the car who had fled the scene. Neither was it clear who the driver was.


The police have issued an appeal for anyone who witnessed the vehicle prior to the incident to call them without delay on 041 728 41 41. In particular, they would like to know how many people were in the car and who was sitting where.


As a result of the incident, Chamerstrasse to be closed in both directions for some time.


In a further incident, also early on Sunday morning, a 37-year-old woman lost control over her vehicle as she was driving along the A4a motorway towards Zug (photograph showing car with lights still on). It was actually on the underpass below the Blegi curve that she crashed into a wall leading to her to sustain injuries and causing her vehicle to be written-off.


As tests showed she was almost three and a half times over the permitted drink-driving limit, her driving licence was confiscated on the spot.