Zug, 21.05.2019

Two community support officers verbally abused, one attacked


Two community support officers were abused and one of them slightly injured after he was attacked following an altercation with a group of young men in the city last Friday evening.



The incident occurred shortly before 11.30 pm as the pair were on patrol on Kolinplatz. Both officers were initially abused verbally by a group of young men, one of whom was asked to identify himself. It was at this point that he became particularly recalcitrant, and declined to do so, whereupon the officers then took hold of him to take him the police station. As a result of this, the officers were again abused verbally by the other men present, one of the officers being physically attacked.


There followed a scuffle, during which the man who was due to be taken to the police station took this opportunity to run off. But after a few metres he turned back and set into one of the officers, resulting in the latter sustaining slight injuries.


Fortunately, the offender, a 23-year-old old Swiss national, was able to be arrested at his address the following day, though he was subsequently released.


As journalist Christopher Gilb mentioned, the 23-year-old now faces charges of threatening behaviour and committing a violent act on an officer of a public authority.