Zug, 10.07.2019

Trio write open letter to mayor about plans they have for unconventional culinary and cultural centre


Jonas Mehr, Kevin Horat, and Peider Staub, all in their late twenties, have written an open letter to the mayor of Zug, Karl Kobelt, about unconventional plans they have for site where people can enjoy a wide variety of culinary and cultural experiences.


Originally they had planned to implement all this at the Männerbadi lido in the city, though they were not successful in being awarded the tenancy. While they accepted this, this did not mean they wanted to give up on their plans, the search continuing for another venue.  


In order to show the support they have for this new project, they have already been able to gather signatures from as many as 248 people through their Campax site on the internet.


The trio involved already have wide experience in a variety of jobs, while Horat is an environmental engineer, Staub is a paramedic with a background in carpentry, and Horat is involved in care work although he is also a trained confisier.


The three would actually like to create for Zug what is currently on offer at the Neubad pool complex in Lucerne (photograph) while temporarily closed, where culinary and cultural events can be experienced, though not on such a scale as is done there. “But the basic idea is very much what we have in mind,” said Staub. Furthermore, details of the 248 people they have found to support them show they are of a wide range of ages. One aspect the three consider most important is the pricing policy as they want them to be affordable to attract as wide a range of attendees as possible.  


For his part, mayor Kobelt expressed his initial support for such a project.