Unterägeri, 08.04.2024

Tragic accident in the centre of the village

A car collided with a child on the driveway to a property in Unterägeri at 4.30 pm last Thursday afternoon. Despite rapid medical assistance, the child died at the scene of the accident.

According to a statement from the Zug Law Enforcement Authorities (Strafverfolgungsbehörden), the injuries suffered by the 6-year-old boy as a result of the collision were so serious that he died at the scene of the accident, despite prompt medical assistance. The cause of death will be clarified by the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Zurich (Institut für Rechtsmedizin).

The circumstances and the exact course of the accident are being investigated by the Zug Police in collaboration with the Public Prosecutor's Office (Staatsanwaltschaft) of the Canton of Zug. The forensic service and the drone team of the Zug Police were deployed to collect comprehensive evidence. The relatives of the deceased boy, the first responders and the emergency services were looked after on site by the Care Team Zug and the specialised police “Peer” group.

The accident occurred here          Photo: Zug Police

One lane of the Zugerstrasse in Unteraegeri had to be closed in the area of the accident site during the entire operation. A traffic service was thereby operated by the fire brigade. In addition to numerous members of the Zug Police, the on-call public prosecutor (Pikett-Staatsanwalt), several members of the Zug Rescue Service, the Ägerital first responders, the Unterägeri fire service, the Rega and the Zug Care Team were also deployed to the scene.

Source: Zug Police