Walchwil, 08.05.2019

Too few keep to 30-kph speed limit on Oberdorfstrasse

As locals will know, Oberdorfstrasse was only completed in October of last year but checks have shown that too few drivers are keeping to the 30-kph speed limit which is in force there.



According to Kurt Margadant, the senior engineer responsible for the construction of the new road, when such a limit is imposed, checks are made after a period of months to monitor how much traffic is using the road and whether the speed limit is being adhered to. In this case, checks were held over two-week periods in December and April.


The engineer further explained that success in this regard on such roads could be spoken of if at least 85 per cent of all speeds recorded was 38 kph or less. It was noted in this case that, in the built-up area of the immediate vicinity, the average speed recorded was 35 kph, which was encouraging. However, what was causing concern was that on a straight stretch, just before the railway underpass, the average speed recorded was 42 kph.


Not that the imposition of a 30-kph limit in this section was thereby useless, as Margadant explained that, without it, people would be driving even faster. What has to be taken into consideration is that the average number of vehicles using this road on a daily basis amounts to 700, compared with 4,500 nearer the centre of the municipality.


At present, both the cantonal and municipal authorities are working out what more could be done to ensure drivers keep to the limits, whilst bearing in mind costs, noise and safety aspects, police checks not excluded.


While on Oberstrasse, locals will also have noticed surface work is currently being carried out. This means that sections of it, near Hörndlirain, will be closed from 8am on Monday 20 May until 6 am on Tuesday 21 May, and another section, near the junction with Vorderbergstrasse, will be closed from 1pm on Tuesday 21 May until 6am on Wednesday 22 May. Then, in June, the pavements will be laid.  


This article is based on one by Cornelia Bisch.