Zug, 01.07.2020

This year's Cherry Market will end on 2 July

Many stall holders at the market  have had to cancel at short notice. In addition to the rain, the cherry vinegar fly is also a problem.

The heavy rains and the spread of the cherry vinegar fly are causing problems for Zug cherries. According to the organizers, the Cherry market (Chriesimärt) on the Landsgemeindeplatz will be end on the 2nd of July, after only eleven days. It had been scheduled for up to three weeks.

Although the cherry hang on the trees is good, they are a rare commodity this year. According to the IG Zuger Chriesi, the reasons lie "on the one hand due to the heavy rains that cause the cherries to burst on the tree, and on the other to the rampant spread of the cherry vinegar fly, which stings the sweet fruits and spoils them within a very short time."

The cherry crop is good, but many cherries are unusable for sale.

As a result, not as many cherries went on sale as expected. Many of the stall holders who had registered for the Chriesimärt have cancelled at short notice.

The market will therefore end this year on Thursday, July 2, at 6 p.m. Zug cherries can still be bought directly from the farm from cherry farmers – "above all at higher altitudes," it continues.