Zug, 09.02.2023

Thefts from cars are on the increase in the canton

The police have indications that more and more valuables are being stolen from vehicles. There is a simple way to protect yourself.

In the past few days, the Zug police have received an increasing number of reports from the public about thefts from vehicles, as they have now communicated on Facebook.

If the vehicles were consistently locked, these kinds of thefts could be prevented, say the police.

Zug Police: A car is not a safe       Photo Zug Police

To prevent your vehicle from becoming the next target of thieves, we have some tips for you below:

Lock your car and, if in doubt, check again whether it is really locked.
Don't leave your valuables visible in the car. They thereby become a target for thieves.

Make sure that all windows and the sunroof are closed. Valuables should also not be left visible in the car, and windows and the sunroof should also be consistently closed.

The police also ask people to show a healthy suspicion of suspicious persons in the neighbourhood, and to report suspicious observations to the emergency number 117.

Let's not give the thieves a chance!

Source: Zug Police