Zug, 13.01.2020

The Swisshotel to become a residential home

For around 35 years, travellers have been finding a bed for the night right behind the petrol station at the Choller intersection – up to the turn of the millennium run as a motel, and since then as a hotel. As can be seen from a current building application, it will now become a residential home.

The owner of the building is the Eichholz Foundation. According to its website, this social psychiatric institution currently offers 42 places in Steinhausen for the accommodation, work and employment for people with mental disabilities. The organisation does not yet want to say anything about the planned residential home at Chollerstrasse 1A, however. This will be communicated in mid-February, it said on request.

Newsletters and annual reports from the foundation show that the foundation originally wanted to realise a new building project at a different location, and the Zug government gave the green light for this in December 2015. The plans for a new building were discarded, however. In 2018, the organisation's annual report stated: "For a variety of reasons, and following a detailed examination, the foundation has rejected the planned construction project. The search for alternative solutions has therefore kept us very busy in 2018. A very good, future-oriented solution is emerging at the moment, however.”

This probably referred to the current Swisshotel. As can be seen from the building application, 45 beds are now planned on the three upper floors, most of them are in single rooms. There are also two studios with cooking facilities, two six-room apartments with five beds each, and a four-room apartment with three beds.

The Swisshotel in the Choller area.

According to the plans, rooms for the operation of the residential home are to be created on the ground floor. There will be three rooms for studios, a large dining room, several meeting rooms and a catering kitchen. The latter will apparently also provide cooking for a restaurant that is planned on the Chamerstrasse side - where the hotel currently has its restaurant. Power will be provided by solar panels on the roof of the main part of the building, running parallel to the road. According to the building application, the project will cost a total of CHF 3.5 million.

The Swisshotel is currently operated by Philip C. Brunner, a politician from Zug, who, together with his wife, has been running the hotel since 2000. Brunner will reach retirement age this year, but does not want to provide any information regarding the end of his hotel business.

Nothing else can also be learned about the building application from the building owners - Paul Amrein AG – who simply refer to the communication for mid-February promised by the Eichholz Foundation.

The Managing Director of Zug Tourism is disappointed that there will now be one hotel less in Zug. As Patrizia Hofstetter explains, the Swisshotel is one of the larger hotels in the city of Zug, and is perfect for many event organisers at the weekend, especially thanks to its proximity to the Chollerhalle. "We could also do with even more rooms being available during the week."