Oberwil, 03.05.2021

The Steinibach is being made flood-proof

A boulder collector is being installed by the stream in the Räbmatt area in Oberwil. The construction costs amount to CHF 350,000.

The City of Zug has steadily expanded the flood safety of the local streams in recent years,. Only the ‘Steinibach’ to the south of Oberwil in the Räbmatt area has not yet been made flood-proof, and a boulder collector will be installed there In the next few weeks, with construction costs amounting to around CHF 350,000. This has been announced in a press release from the City of Zug.

Boulder collectors retain any rocks in streams in order to reduce flood damage to the settlements and the infrastructure., Large masses of tree trunks, stones and the like can be brought down during heavy rain, which then accumulate and prevent the water run-off, leading to flooding in extreme cases.

Road closure during the construction work
The assessments of the flood experts show that up to 500 m3 of wood and debris from landslides could flow down the Steinibach in the event of a flood that could occur once in a hundred years,. The boulder collector will be installed in the wood above the SBB railway line, in order to be able to collect the material there.

The Steinibach in Oberwil bei Zug
Photo: Matthias Jurt (6 August 2020)

The construction work will last until the beginning of July 2021, during which the Steinibachstrasse above the railway line will closed to traffic. A diversion will be signalled for pedestrians.