Traffic, 24.06.2022

The Sinserstrasse in Lindencham is to be renovated

The section of Sinserstrasse in Lindencham from the Lindenstrasse to the Untermühlestrasse will be renovated from Monday, 27 June, with the work probably lasting until mid-August.

According to the cantonal building department (Baudirektion), the Reuss Bridge in Sins will be closed during the summer holidays from 11 July to 14 August 2022. In order to make optimum use of the associated low-traffic period on the Sinserstrasse, several cantonal road sections will be renovated simultaneously in a concentrated action, including the section from the Untermühlestrasse to the Lindenstrasse in Cham.

The two "Heiligkreuz" bus stops will be made barrier-free, whereby the bus stop in the direction of Sins will be relocated after the Heiligkreuzstrasse junction and will have a bus bay. In addition to a new left-turn lane in the direction of Hünenberg/Heiligkreuz, this will improve the flow of traffic on the Sinserstrasse and reduce the queue leading to the motorway connection.

In order to further increase traffic safety and improve the discharge of road wastewater, the longitudinal and transverse gradients of the cantonal road will be partially modified, continues the communication. The street lighting will be optimised, and will consist of LED lights.

A noise-reducing road surface will be installed throughout the project perimeter. At the same time, the utility lines of the municipality of Cham and WWZ AG will be partially rebuilt and renovated. The renovation will begin on Monday, 27 June 2022, and is expected to last until mid-August 2022.

Single-lane operation in the direction of Sins
From 11 July to 15 August 2022, a single-lane traffic regime towards Sins will be established. Motorised private transport from Hagendorn to Cham or Heiligkreuz will be diverted via the Untermühlestrasse and the Knonauerstrasse. Only the buses to Cham will run through the construction site area, with the oncoming traffic towards Sins being halted by the traffic service for as short a time as possible.

Overview of the construction site area of the Sinserstrasse in Lindencham, which will be renovated from 27 June 2022 until mid-August 2022.                   Source: Baudirektion Kanton Zug

In order to keep traffic disruptions as low as possible, the two "Heiligkreuz" bus stops will not be served. The Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe (public transport) company will provide information on the temporary changes at the location. The entrances/exits to and from the private roads, as well as the access to the Sinserstrasse from Heiligkreuz will be closed. Driving from the Sinserstrasse in the direction of Heiligkreuz will remain possible until 8 August 2022.

Cyclists travelling from Sins and Heiligkreuz in the direction of Cham must take the detour via the Untermühlestrasse and the Lindenstrasse.

Large-scale detours
In order to reduce the traffic obstructions in connection with the closure of the Sins Bridge and the parallel cantonal construction measures, road users are asked to bypass the Sinserstrasse from the Cham motorway junction to Sins via Rotkreuz and Gisikon wherever possible. The detours will be signalled.

Connections for pedestrians will remain guaranteed, with some minor detours. As the progress of the construction work will depend on the weather, postponements cannot be ruled out. The cantonal civil engineering office (Tiefbauamt) will provide information on the exact construction dates and will indicate any further changes to the traffic regime at an early stage. The corresponding information can be found on the website