Cham, 01.06.2021

The Röhrliberg indoor swimming pool will be renovated

The Röhrliberg indoor swimming pool will be closed from 19 June to 13 August. The reason for this is necessary refurbishment work on the compensation basin and on the technical facilities.

The indoor swimming pool Röhrliberg in Cham, with its 25-metre pool and non-swimmer area, is very popular with the local population and the schools. The facility is heavily frequented for swimming instruction and school sports, and also as a fitness and leisure facility, according to a media release from the Cham municipality. After many years of operation, however, various signs of wear and tear are beginning to appear, and the swimming pool, which opened 40 years ago, will be renovated during the coming summer.

The planned works mainly concern the so-called compensation basin in the basement. The water that is displaced, for example, by bathers, flows into this basin, where it is filtered and enriched with chlorine before being pumped back into the swimming pool. The walls of the balancing basin have become heavily affected by the chlorine, and these will now be structurally modified and resealed.

A plastic basin will be integrated into the existing compensation basin, and will be equipped with new water technology. Drilling and milling work for a new entry hatch will also be carried out. The 900,000 litres of water in the indoor pool will have to be completely drained. Bathers will not notice much from the changes, but the working conditions for the staff will improve considerably, in accordance with the applicable standards.

The pool will be closed from 19 June to 13 August
The extensive renovations are very time-consuming, which is why the indoor swimming pool team decided to carry out most of the work in the summer holidays. "In particular because, with the lakeside beach and the Hirsgarten-Badi, Cham can offer two marvellous swimming alternatives in the lake in the warm summer months," says Markus Jund, area manager for the municipality's swimming pools.

The Röhrliberg indoor swimming pool will be closed during the summer holidays
Photo: PD

Due to the extent of the work and the annual revision work in the indoor pool, however, the last two weeks before the summer holidays will also have to be included for the refurbishment work. The municipality deeply regrets the unfortunate, but absolutely necessary interruption in operations from 19 June to 13 August 2021.

The clubs and associations that are affected by the closure, as well as the regular users, have been informed in advance, and the renovation period will automatically credited to the holders of annual subscriptions. These will therefore remain valid for longer after the summer holidays.

Return to normal operation
The operation of the Röhrliberg indoor swimming pool has been severely restricted for more than a year due to Covid-19 requirements. It has only been accessible to all from 17 May, but only for a reduced number of people for the time being. The managers of the indoor swimming pool and the pool manager are pleased to announce that the normal opening hours will again apply from Monday, 31 May 2021, and look forward to greeting swimmers and bathers in the renovated Röhrliberg again after the summer holidays.