Canton of Zug, 18.06.2020

"The pandemic is not over"

In the last 10 days, a total of 12 new infections with the corona virus have been confirmed in the canton of Zug. The tracing has been successful, and 53 contact persons are now in quarantine. The canton wants to emphasise that the pandemic is not over, and that further outbreaks are still possible. People with symptoms should be tested as soon as possible.

After only very few new infections occurring in the canton of Zug since mid-May, four independent sources of infection have now arisen, writes the canton in an announcement. "Due to the relaxed measures, it was expected that new infections would occur. But the comparatively high number of new cases is worrying. We have immediately ordered the appropriate measures to curb any further spread," says Health Director Martin Pfister.

Four independent infection chains
As with all positive cases, an immediate action was started to identify persons who could have had contact with the infected persons. The contact tracing was successful, and the involved persons were correspondingly informed and have been quarantined in their homes. "These contacts have shown that there are four independent chains of infection, with many infections, especially in one cluster," says the canton. The situation is now believed to be under control.

The contagion took place in both the professional and family / private sectors, and young people were also affected, one of them with an existing medical complaint. "All the infected persons and their contact persons have been very cooperative and are observing the imposed quarantine and isolation measures," explained cantonal physician Rudolf Hauri at the press conference of the Zug Health Direction. All the infected persons are otherwise in good health.

New posters provide information about the current prerventive measures

Contact tracing is extremely important
The canton of Zug wants to emphasise that the Corona pandemic is not over and that new contagion hotspots could rapidly increase the number of cases. The hygiene and distance rules are of particular importance, especially after the relaxation of the Corona control measures. "Regular hand washing with soap, sneezing and coughing in a handkerchief or the elbow, and keeping two metres away from our fellow human beings – that's how we can protect ourselves and others most effectively," Hauri once again makes clear.

The Health Directorate is currently preparing for a possible second wave. "In the event of a worsening of the situation, we are also considering tougher measures for the region, within reason, but purposeful." After all, it is not only about the health consequences, but also about the economic consequences, explained Pfister.

Anyone with symptoms of the disease should be tested for corona infection as soon as possible. In order to do this, pre-registration by telephone with the respective family doctor or the emergency ward at the Zug Cantonal Hospital is always necessary. The faster the test result is available, the easier can the contact tracing be implemented afterwards. "People with symptoms should not show any inhibitions about being get tested – they are helping themselves and others," emphasizes Hauri.