Canton Zug , 22.07.2022

The new monument conservator visits the municipalities

Karin Artho wants to arouse interest in what she sees as architectural gems.

The new department head and cantonal monument conservator (Denkmalpflegerin), who started her work in May, is currently visiting all eleven municipalities in Zug in order to get to know the political leaders with regard to construction and the local municipal experts.

According to a statement from the Directorate of the Interior, she will focus "on making Zug's diverse building culture better known, from which the population should also benefit".

The debate is topical
Many municipalities are currently in the process of revising local planning and are intensively dealing with the use of their areas and zones. Topics such as densification and growth, but also the protection of the townscape and the preservation of historic buildings and the importance they want to attach to them in the future.

Karin Artho also visited the Binzmühle farm in Rotkreuz.                Photo: Sabine Windlin/PD

This is an ideal occasion for the new Zug monument conservator Karin Artho to make representations to the municipalities, and to find out first-hand in which direction they are moving structurally.

The stories behind the buildings
"The municipalities have reacted very positively to my offer and have taken the time to lead me to their special locations and to explain their concerns," says Karin Artho in the above-mentioned statement. "It shows me how important historical sites are for the identity of the municipalities. Architectural monuments arouse emotions and tell many stories that also fascinate the population and bind them to their place of residence." She wants to awaken the joy of the "local building pearls” through mediation work."

The tour started in Walchwil, where they met at the Buschenchappeli. Then we went on to Risch (Hof Binzmühle, Rotkreuz), Oberägeri (Bachweg), Baar (the brewery), Unterägeri (the Dr. Bossard private school) and Zug. After the summer holidays, the visits take place in Neuheim, Cham, Menzingen, Steinhausen and Hünenberg.