Unterägeri, 20.05.2020

The mini golf course has two new tenants

Colleagues Carla Nussbaumer and Susanne Meier are now in charge of the mini golf course in Unterägeri. They have opened the facility with a protection concept.

The mini golf course Birkenwäldli in Unterägeri has been recently officially opened, with visitors being welcomed by the two new tenants, Carla Nussbaumer from Unterägeri and Susanne Meier from Oberägeri. From among the 14 candidates in the tendering process for the installation, these two were able to convince the municipality of their capabilities. "The decisive factor, I think, was that we are from the region and that people know each other. This creates proximity," says 54-year-old Susanne Meier.

The friends had already been working in the catering industry for many years, which is where they also got to know each other. "I used to run the lakeside beach in Unterägeri, so I know a lot of people," says Carla Nussbaumer. But both have been looking for a new project in the past year,. Meier had been toying with the little bar (Beizli) at the mini golf course for a long time, and asked Nussbaumer whether she would join her for the new adventurer. "I was immediately enthusiastic, but I had to clarify this with my family, of course. After all, I will be at home much less during the summer season," says Nussbaumer, who is a mother of two adult children. Susanne Meier also clarified her plans with her family. "We will now even become a real family business, with a lot of help from life partners and children," says Meier, who is a mother of four children.

Municipality donates a new cosy lounge
Visitors will be able to marvel at another new feature on Saturday: a cosy lounge area (stübli), simply decorated in white, with black leather chairs and a luxurious golden mirror in the middle of the wall, in which Lake Ägeri is reflected. "The municipality set up the Stübli in this way. The changing rooms of the Frosch Ägeri swimming club, which have not been used since the Ägeribad existed, was previously here," explains Nussbaumer.

Due to the current ban on gatherings due to the corona virus, the Stübli cannot yet be filled with guests, and even an inauguration party was not possible and will be postponed until next year. "The Stübli can be opened to the outside world like a conservatory, through sliding doors. In addition, we can seat the outdoor area and thus comply with the gastro hygiene concept," says Meier.

The proud tenants in their new lounge: Carla Nussbaumer (left) and Susanne Meier.

There is room for 50 to 60 guests In the Stübli and around the Beizli. There would also be a hygiene concept for the mini golf course, which would include a limit of a maximum of 15 people on the pitch, with groups of a maximum of five players, who are not allowed to mingle with other groups. The social distance of two metres to each other must be observed, of course, and all balls and rackets disinfected after each game.

Guests can enjoy fresh cake every day
"Our guests can expect a lot to food from the grill, such as sausages, steak and hamburgers. But also fresh Fischknusperli (batter-fried fish) and chicken nuggets with fries. We will source all products from the region," explains Susanne Meier. The two women will also provide freshly made cakes daily in the summer. The website of the mini golf course is unfortunately not updated yet, which is something the two girls will tackle soon. "The site doesn’t currently have priority," says Susanne Meier. Despite the corona-related limitations, the two women are confident and look forward to the summer and the new mini golf season.

The mini golf course Birkenwäldli Unterägeri is open daily from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. (depending on the weather). Admission costs six francs for adults and four francs for children.