Neuheim, 25.07.2020

The best walks in the canton, part 4

Trainee Julia Lüscher describes her favourite walk in her home municipality. This one can sometimes be quite adventurous.

The high grass shines in the sun, the wind blows through my hair and I have a feeling of absolute freedom. I can see the distant panorama of the mountains, with the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau far beyond Lake Zug, and I can feel how both the city below me and myself are slowly waking up. More and more sunlight appears, and I walk down to the shade of the trees below, where the path leads me.

With a quick glance to the right, I can see that the majestic lime tree, the landmark of the municipality of Neuheim, is still standing. Despite its somewhat battered appearance, having survived two lightning strikes, the tree still radiates tremendous power.

It's best if I start at the beginning, however. The "Hirschleten" walk starts at the Lindenhalle in Neuheim. From there it goes uphill over the well-known moraine hills. After the first ascent I can see two swings and a picnic table, which is a good opportunity for taking a first break. But I continue until I reach my favourite place on this path. A small wooden hut serves as a backrest for me. I think about taking a short detour to the barbecue site at the Linde, but I decide against it.

Continuing over stick and stone
The dirt road under my feet changes into a forest path, and a little adventure begins. I find my way over roots and fallen branches to the edge of the forest and then continue over a pasture. I have a great view of the village from here. The trail then leads me a short distance through the forest again. I always have to be careful not to fall here, because the forest floor is covered with large stones and roots.

The view from the Hirschlete path looking towards Lake Zug.

Luckily it doesn't take long, and I'm soon back on a safer dirt road. I pass a farm as I walk down to the next and last part of the forest, where I have to jump over a stream and start to ascend again. Finally at the top, I can already see the first row of houses of the village, and the hardest part of the trail is behind me. I find my way through the village back to the Lindenhalle, and thereby complete my round walk.

Also interesting for athletes
It’s also possible to turn this walk into a training run. The route is also a Vita parcours, which was completed by the IG Saturn, a Neuheim gymnastics club, on the occasion of its 15th anniversary in autumn 2018.

My father, who is a member of the club, helped to build the 15 posts of the fitness parcourse a few years ago. It’s called "Frud", which stands for "Fit around the village". The exercises, which are explained by signs on the site, help to strengthen the muscles, and increase dexterity and stamina. I often use the trail as a jogging track. The posts along the course offer me a variety of activities while running.

In this series, our authors present their favourite route in the canton of Zug.