Lake Aegeri, 11.09.2019

Surprise for local traders as winner of National Swiss-Wrestling Tournament appears on cruise event


There was a big surprise for a group of some 60 local traders yesterday as they set off for a “meet and greet” cruise on Lake Aegeri. Unbeknown to them, Christian Stucki, the winner of the recently held National Swiss-Wrestling Tournament was on board, initially in the guise of a crew member (photograph). Once the cruise was underway, his real identity was made known and he was greeted with much applause.

While on Lake Aegeri, regular readers will remember how, earlier this summer, amateur anglers were complaining that that they had caught far fewer fish in Lake Aegeri in recent years despite the cantonal authorities denying there was a problem. 

A journalist of the Zuger Zeitung subsequently interviewed the only professional fisherman on the lake, Hanspeter Merz, who also runs the Eierhals hotel and restaurant in Morgarten, who insisted the amount of fish he caught had remained more or less constant over the past 20 years, plus or minus 500 kilogrammes, which was to be expected.

As to why anglers had reported fish were smaller than usual, he put this down to the diminishing nutrient content of the lake.

While an official cantonal report mentioned that very few fish were found below a depth of 30 metres, Merz said he had caught both lake and Arctic char at these depths and even deeper. Neither did he think the criticism of net fishing by amateur anglers was justified and insisted the lake was well managed from a fishing point of view.

Out of interest, Merz catches some 20 kilogrammes of fish during the three to four hours he spends on the lake on 280 days a year, meaning 5.8 tonnes a year.

By coincidence, on the same day this article was published, at the end of July, it was reported that 50 fish had been found dead in the Dorfbach in Oberägeri. Subsequent analysis of the water showed it had a high chlorine content, possibly the result of someone in the Schwerzelweg, Schwerzelrain and Gulmstrasse area emptying a pool via the wrong drain, an offence punishable by law.