Unterägeri, 26.01.2023

Students from Unterägeri impress with their posters

As part of the graphics class at the Lucerne Technical and Business College, students have been working on the topic of energy. Two students from Zug were able to convince a jury, and their works will now be on public display.

The students of the graphic design class in Lucerne have been tackling the topic of energy and the medium of the poster. Aleksandra Wolkow and Loris Probst, two students from Unterägeri, convinced the jury of experts. Their work - along with nine other posters - will now be placed on public display. This was announced in a press release by the technical and business college.

With her work "time to reload", Aleksandra Wolkow points out the dependence of humans on electricity - and that human beings also need to recharge themselves with new energy from time to time.

The poster "time to reload" by Aleksandra Wolkow     
The "good vibes only" poster by Loris Probst        
Photos: PD

The "good vibes only" poster by Loris Probst is meant to express that everything we know and perceive is based on vibrations - nothing is bad or good, but simply exists.

The posters by the two students will now be on display in the city centre of Lucerne from 27 January to 6 February. A vernissage will also take place on Friday, 27 January, at 6 p.m. in the rooms of the Graphic Arts Lucerne class, on the Viscosistadt site in Emmenbrücke.