Steinhausen, 08.11.2019

Steinhausen reaches a five-digit population

"We would like to cordially welcome you to the smallest municipality in the smallest canton." With these words, the mayor of Steinhausen, Hans Staub, presented a bouquet of flowers and a present from Steinhausen to two new residents of Steinhausen and the parents of a very new citizen of the world. The gift consisted of a wine from Steinhausen, a 10,000-cent voucher from the Gewerbeverein Steinhausen and an issue of the monthly municipal magazine "Aspekte".

Dersim Isli, the 9,999th resident of Steinhausen and Selina Züst, the 10,000th, happily accepted their welcome gift. Only one of the three selected new residents was unable to accept her gift herself: little Emilia Gander, the 10001st resident of Steinhausen is only two weeks old, and slept through the award of the gifts in the arms of her parents.

The 10 000th resident of Steinhausen is Selina Züst, who moved from the city of Lucerne to Steinhausen. She is a psychologist and works for CSS Insurance in Lucerne in the field of occupational health management. She has been living in Steinhausen on the Schlossbergstrasse since the 1st of October. When asked what she especially likes in her new place of residence, she says: "Personal contact with people. For example, I’ve only been to the post office a few times, but have already been recognised there." That’s quite different from the situation in the city of Lucerne, and she finds it very much like being at home.

Although Selina Züst had not had much time to get to know Steinhausen, she was already in the dairy that Hans Staub mentioned in his speech. "I think it's important to support the local industry and to become involved in community life. I could well imagine joining a club, "continued the likeable new resident.

Mayor Hans Staub (left) welcomes Dersim Isli, Selina Züst and little Emilia Gander to Steinhausen.

The municipality has been waiting to reach the 10,000 inhabitants for a few years now, according to municipal secretary Thomas Guntli. "We've been just under it for a long time, and, although a lot of building has taken place, people have also moved away. That's why it took a while for us to reach the 10,000."

The new houses on Schlossbergstrasse, where Selina Züst lives, have now made the difference, and the proud number of 10.000 was reached. Mayor Hans Staub is pleased and says: "10,000 is a beautiful number, and should also be celebrated."

There will be reason to celebrate again in the spring, because then the annual New Resident event will take place in Steinhausen, to which all those who have moved to the municipality during the year will be invited.