Canton Zug, 16.06.2021

State Councillor Peter Hegglin admitted to hospital

State Councillor (Ständerat) Peter Hegglin (Die Mitte/ZG) is ill with the Corona virus, and has had to be hospitalised. This was announced by State Council President Alex Kuprecht (SVP/SZ) at the beginning of the third week of the parliamentary session.

State Councillor Peter Hegglin has had to be admitted to hospital
Photo: Swiss Government

State Councillor Peter Hegglin, who lives in Edlibach, Zug will not be returning to the Parliament in Bern this week, reported Alex Kuprecht on Monday in the Council of States (Ständerat), as he was admitted to hospital last week suffering from a Corona virus infection. This goes to show that the Corona crisis is not over yet.

Council President Kuprecht has urged council members to get themselves tested.
We wish Mr. Hegglin a speedy recovery.