Zug, 05.05.2021

Sports Festival organisers to make a fresh start

Instead of the usual two days at Lake Zug, the Zug Sports Festival will now take place over 20 days – from 2 to 22 August – in the Metalli shopping avenue. The advantage: a roof over the head, as well as the use of existing offers and the existing infrastructure.

The Zug Sports Festival, whose main goal is to awaken the passion for sport among the population and to present the offers of local clubs, will move into the protected passageways of the Metalli shopping centre. The centrepiece of the 20th anniversary festival will be the Sika stage on the forecourt of the Migros supermarket, where workshops and shows will be offered.

"In addition, visitors have the opportunity to test certain sports and equipment at various times," says Daniel Schärer, President of the Zug Sports Festival. The regional sports offer and Zug sports clubs will be presented in an interactive exhibition.

"We will not only try to offer as many of the more than 70 types of sport that could be tried out at previous festivals. We will also provide information about all the sports clubs in Zug and what they offer."

Photo 1: Various professionals will show their skills at the Zug Sports Festival in August.
Photo 2: Skill is required on the rollerblades course

Photo: PD

No own gastro offers
In contrast to the location on the lake, the organisers do not plan to have their own gastronomic offers in the Metalli shopping avenue. "There's already enough of that there," says Schärer simply. The location also offers many advantages.

"We will not have to build up and dismantle as much infrastructure, and the existing toilet facilities and parking spaces can be used. There is electricity, and, of course, the roof provides the advantage of weather protection."

The contents of the festival will be adapted to the general conditions and the existing protection concept. "From this point of view, we are even more sustainable than usual."

At the lake site, the organisers had problems enforcing a protection concept: "The site is open to all sides, so that we would not be able control the flow of people," regrets Schärer.

No water sports programme
A water sports program will not be held this year. "If the Metalli concept works, however, we can envisage presenting many different types of sport there for a month in the future, followed by a weekend at the lake celebrating all the water sports," says Schärer.

Isn't this a huge gamble? It’s now a question of seeking solutions, and to stop complaining about the status quo. "We’re not going to spend more money than we have," says Schärer. From this point of view, there’s hardly any risk.

"It’ll take quite a lot of extra effort. But we want to go this extra mile if we can give people ideas and inspiration."

Regarding  the past 20 years of Zug Sports Festival, the president says: "What started as fun became commercial, and then too commercial. From 2015, there has therefore been a clearly defined vision and mission that doesn’t focus on commerce, but on social responsibility." The festival is the focus. There are also complementary projects, however, such as the Waldparcours or Zugrun, the magazine ‘The 5’, the Zugonice and Aegerionice formats, as well as various social media activities. "A trend sport fair has became a platform for promoting exercise, joie de vivre and health. The reactions show that we are on the right track." In the future, the individual projects will be further networked and the focus will increasingly be on year-round formats.