Hünenberg / Menzingen, 14.01.2021

Slippery ice in the canton of Zug causes two accidents,

Two traffic accidents occurred in morning traffic on Wednesday, with two people being injured. Property damage amounted to several tens of thousands of Swiss francs.

The first accident occurred on Wednesday morning shortly before 6.30 a.m., in the "Zollhaus" area in the municipality of Hünenberg. A 22-year-old van driver was driving along the Sinserstrasse towards Cham. At the same time, a 40-year-old van driver wanted to turn left from the Drällikonerstrasse into the Sinserstrasse. He thereby disregarded the right of way of the other driver, resulting in a violent clash between the two vehicles.

The 22-year-old driver was injured and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance. The 40-year-old man who caused the accident was able to go for a medical checkup on his own. The damage to the two vehicles amounts to several tens of thousands of Swiss francs. Both vans could no longer be driven, and had to be towed away.

The accident site near the Zollhaus restaurant in Hünenberg
The motorist collided with these bales of hay

Photo: Zug Police

Injured in collision with hay bales
About an hour and a half later, another traffic accident was reported to the Control Centre of the Zug Police. This happened on the Cholrainstrasse in the municipality of Menzingen, according to the Zug police. A 49-year-old driver lost control of her car in a slight left turn and came off the road and into an adjoining meadow, where she crashed into hay bales standing there.

The driver was slightly injured by the impact and was taken to hospital by the Zug ambulance service. The accident vehicle was also no longer able to be driven, and had to be towed away.