Zug, 05.05.2021

Show-jumping event must be cancelled again

The measures to contain the pandemic have made it impossible to carry out the traditional event.

"With a lot of confidence and optimism, the organisation committee of the Zuger Springkonkurrenz (show-jumping competition) hoped that the Federal Government would relax the regulations regarding sporting events," said the organizers in a statement. Unfortunately, however, and for the second time in a row, it is not possible to hold the largest equestrian event in Central Switzerland, which takes place over Whit weekend, in 2021.

The decision was not easy for those responsible. The organising committee had worked out variants to at least provide a platform for sport. "But the health of all parties involved is paramount for the Kavallerieverein (cavalry association) Zug."

Only 15 pairs of riders allowed at the same time
The measures applied to equestrian events in order to contain the pandemic are still so strict that it is impossible to carry out the Zug show-jumping competition. According to the rules in force today, neither indoor or indoor dining nor takeaways may be offered. In addition, only 15 pairs of riders are allowed on the site at the same time, and they must leave before the next 15 competitors arrive. "Just setting up the infrastructure for an event, with usually around 1,500 starts over five tournament days, would hardly be possible in a way that covered the costs."

The organisation committee (OC) deeply regrets the cancellation of the Zug show-jumping competition in 2021. "At this point, we would like to thank all sponsors for their loyalty, all suppliers for their very good cooperation, and all the helpers for their efforts. We look forward to working together in the coming year," writes the OC.

The event has been carried out regularly, with a few exceptions
The first Zug show-jumping competition was held In 1913, and the event has since become more and more important for equestrian sports, but also for the population and for Zug. The origins of the Zug show-jumping competition can be traced back to training for military duties. Today, the event in the heart of the city of Zug is a traditional sporting event for all riders and for the people of Zug, with a folk festival character. With a few exceptions, the Zug show-jumping competition has been held regularly for 108 years. The reasons for the interruptions in the more than 100-year-old tradition were the mobilization in the years 1914 to 1916, the subsequent waves of the Spanish flu, the foot-and-mouth disease and, currently, the corona pandemic.