Canton Zug, 16.04.2024

Seven road accidents, four injured persons and a vehicle fire keep the police busy

Seven road accidents occurred on the roads of the canton of Zug over the weekend, including some involving bicycles. Four people were thereby injured and hospitalised, and a vehicle caught fire on Monday morning.

The first of the accidents occurred in the City of Zug at 11.45 am on Saturday. According to the Zug police, a 56-year-old cyclist hit a kerb on the Chamerstrasse and fell. The man suffered serious injuries in the fall, and had to be taken to hospital.

Only a little later, at 12.30 p.m., a collision occurred between a cyclist and a car on the Drälikerstrasse in the municipality of Hünenberg. A 42-year-old car driver came into contact with a cyclist during an overtaking manoeuvre. The 42-year-old cyclist fell as a result, and was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

A further accident occurred at 4 p.m. at the "Ochsenfeissi" in Unterägeri, where a 32-year-old female cyclist fell. She sustained minor injuries and also had to be taken to hospital.

A 48-year-old cyclist then lost control of his bike on a bend on the St.-Germanstrasse in Buonas (municipality of Rotkreuz) shortly after 4.30 pm, and crashed. He was also given medical attention by the Zug Rescue Service and taken to hospital.

There was a collision on the Zugerstrasse in Neuägeri shortly before 5 p.m. when an 84-year-old driver turned into the Zugerstrasse from the Wysstannegg exit, and thereby failed to notice a 43-year-old driver. Fortunately, the two drivers were uninjured.

A vehicle caught fire in the city of Zug on Monday morning
The flames were extinguished by the fire brigade.                             Photos: Zug Police

Another accident without injuries occurred at 1 a.m. on early Sunday morning on the A14 motorway near Dietwil in the direction of Zurich. This involved two cars. A 58-year-old female driver started on an overtaking manoeuvre, and thereby failed to see a vehicle coming from behind. This resulted in a side-on collision between the two cars.

At 3.45 a.m. on the same morning, a 32-year-old driver damaged a vehicle during a parking manoeuvre on Innere Güterstrasse in the City of Zug. A subsequent breath alcohol measurement showed a value of 0.84 mg/l. The man also admitted that he had consumed drugs. His driving licence was thereby confiscated, and he will have to appear before the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Canton of Zug.

Finally, on Monday morning, a vehicle fire occurred in Zug. A 26-year-old delivery van driver was travelling on the General-Guisan-Strasse in the City of Zug at 7.30 am, when he noticed smoke developing inside the vehicle. He stopped and left the vehicle, which later caught fire. The flames were extinguished by the Volunteer Fire Brigade of the city of Zug (FFZ:Freiwillige Feuerwehr der Stadt Zug). Nobody was injured in the incident.

Source: Zug Police