Zug, 09.04.2024

Seraina Toms is world champion

Seraina Toms from TSV Concordia Baar is now the world champion in sport stacking. She won the title in the 3-6-3 discipline in Orlando, Florida, ahead of Simea Fehrenbach from Bern andSarah Raptis from the USA.

Seraina Toms made a decisive contribution to the good performance of the Swiss team in the 2022 team competitions, when the team won the vice world championship title in the Open class In the relay tournament (we reported at the time). ,

Seraina Toms from TSV Concordia Baar   Photo: zvg

Seraina Tom's lead over the runner-up was 0.039 seconds. For this dexterity, she deserves our acknowledgement.

Well done Seraina!