Baar, 05.04.2019

Senior banker and commercial lawyer appointed to board of TokenSuisse

The TokenSuisse blockchain and crypto-currency company has announced it has appointed two new members to its board, namely Dionys Berwert, who is also a partner and COO at the Reichmuth & Co private bank, and Jörg E. Wilhelm, a commercial lawyer.

Not only has TokenSuisse been busy on its personnel front, it has also been seeking cooperation with other banks, and successfully, too, the Finews online journal reporting how the crypto-currency company recently entered into collaboration with the Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, like Reichmuth, another traditional bank.


Berwert (photograph), a graduate of the University of St Gallen, started off his career working for the Accenture AG consultancy business before setting up his own company Finalix, also a consultancy business. He has actually been working for the Reichmuth bank since 2004, where, as mentioned, he is head of operations.

Jörg E. Wilhelm has been a commercial lawyer since 1988, active internationally, too. At present, he works for the Wilhelm Trusted Advisors Rechtsanwälte AG legal practice and is chairman of the Trusted Advisors Group, a multinational firm of lawyers, accountants and tax consultants, not to mention being chairman of TokenPay Swiss AG, part of TokenSuisse.

Berwert mentioned that, “bearing in mind how much blockchain would massively change the world over the next few years,” he wanted to ensure Reichmuth customers were duly connected with it all”, adding how the link-up with TokenSuisse would allow developments to be monitored very closely.


Out of interest TokenSuisse, “a centre of competence for blockchain, crypto currency and token economy” was set up by Alain Kunz, and was the first to launch a so-called multi crypto asset certificate.