Morgarten, 14.01.2021

Self-proclaimed therapist dispensed people from face mask obligation

Without medical qualifications, a 65-year-old issued certificates dispensing people from the face mask requirement. The police conducted a search of his house In December, but the man is still convinced that he has done nothing wrong.

The comments on the  website are derisive. People who have used this website to obtain mask dispensation report on their experiences. "Your certificate works every time, and nips every discussion in the bud. It’s a real free pass in this new muzzled world. Thank you for creating this opportunity," wrote one. The participants in this forum refer to the face masks as "face diapers".

The 65-year-old A. G. from Morgarten, who issued them with the dispensation certificates against the mask obligation, will now have to answer to the law enforcement authorities. As the "Sonntags Zeitung" reports, a search was carried out of the house of the qualified engineer at the beginning of December, and the police seized the man's computers.

Money against 5G allegedly flowed into the association
As Frank Kleiner, media spokesman for the Zug law enforcement authorities, confirms, an investigation has been launched against the man from Oberägeri: "On 23 November 2020, the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Canton of Zug opened a criminal investigation against A. G. on the basis of a corresponding communication from the Health Directorate (Gesundheitsdirektion) of the canton of Zug." He is being investigated on suspicion of violating the Health Act, of violating the Offences Act (Übertretungsstrafgesetz) and of disobedience to official orders, as well as possibly suspicion of violating the UWG (Federal Act against Unfair Competition) and fraud.

The certificates dispensing people from the mask obligation could be ordered via the website. They were actually "given away free of charge" writes A. G., but he asked for a donation to his  association, with which he opposes the 5G mobile telephone technology. What is it that drives the man, who describes himself as a "free and independent therapist"? He responded to a written question. "I saw so many people suffering from the mask," he explains.

"Various doctors started issued these certificates, and were massively attacked for it. People were no longer allowed to have a different view."

He wanted to help out free-of-charge. "The buyers were very grateful for this." In order to stay healthy, you need more oxygen rather than less, and the masks easily become effected by mould, which then affects the lungs".

The mask obligation is a thorn in the side of the engineer from Oberägeri
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Suspect shows inconsistency
When asked when he started issuing the certificates and how many he issued, the man didn’t want to answer. Was he aware that he might be committing a criminal offence? "I was and still am aware that this is by no means a criminal offence," he says unrepentantly. He remains committed to his actions.

"The Covid 19 Regulation expressly provides for these exceptions, and only speaks of "evidence", not certificates from a Dr. med."

As he did not pretend to be a licensed doctor, A.G. is convinced that there was no false presentation of his offer.

And then he makes his case more clearly: "The Covid pandemic is an attempt to establish a fascist world dictatorship," he writes. And: "Where injustice becomes justice, resistance becomes mandatory." He also used other terms, such as "Corona tissue of lies", "Plandemic" or "Lying media", and quotes Thomas Jefferson, the author of the American Declaration of Independence: "Only lies need the support of state power, the truth stands up by itself."

Only a "disagreement"
On his website, the self-proclaimed Reiki master (an esoteric concept of "the working of energy") shares an interview with the Briton David Icke, who is considered a conspiracy theorist and who creates links between Covid-19 and 5G mobile radio. In addition, A. G. has filed a complaint against two prohibition orders issued by the Zug Cantonal Doctor. In the 22-page document, he concludes that there is no pandemic and no ‘over-mortality’. He also gives a reports on the police action in December, whereby he compares the house search to an "early application of the anti-terrorism law". For him, his alleged fraud is merely a "difference of opinion".

Law enforcement agencies are likely to see this differently. Frank Kleiner (Zug law enforcement authorities) does not elaborate on the question of what punishment the esotericist and corona denier could receive. As this is an ongoing criminal investigation, the spokesman stated that no further information could be provided yet.