Cham, 03.03.2023

Schwinger Pirmin Reichmuth slips into the role of father and entrepreneur

Pirmin Reichmuth is one of the strongest Alpine wrestlers (Schwinger) in Switzerland. In the coming season, however, he will concentrate on more than just the sport. The man from Cham will become a father and will soon open his own physio practice. He explains in an interview how he plans to reconcile everything.

A smart new building stands just outside Cham. The vehicles of the last tradesmen and suppliers are still parked in the car park. The top schwinger from Zug, Pirmin Reichmuth, is taking delivery of a home trainer.

Together with his business partner Angela Felber, the 27-year-old will open his own physiotherapy practice next Monday. But the role of entrepreneur is not the only one in which the 20-time wreath winner has to find his feet this year, as PilatusToday reports.

How does it feel to be in your own new physiotherapy practice?
Pirmin Reichmuth
: It's still a bit surreal. Angela and I have had this dream for a long time, and the opening day is now so close. We can hardly believe that it’s about to happen.

Why did you decide to set up your own practice together with Angela Felber?
It wasn't clear from the beginning. We studied together in Landquart and things weren’t always harmonic between us. Probably also because we are so similar. We are both people who are very direct and who address things. That doesn't always go down well with the other person. But you don't need a business partner who always says the same things as you. At some point, we had to realise that we have the same interests and think alike. That's when we came up with the idea of doing things together.

What fascinates you about being a physiotherapist?
That I can work with people who have injuries that I know about myself, and I can therefore pass on the experience I have gained in wrestling. I think that no degree course can teach you the experiences you have with your own injuries.

Do you ever think you would be in your own practice, even without your injury history? (Editor's note: Pirmin Reichmuth has already torn his cruciate ligament four times).
Definitely not, I probably would never have come into contact with physiotherapy without my injuries. It was through my numerous hours as a patient in physiotherapy that I first started my studies.

Is the step into self-employment also a safeguard in case your career as an Alpine wrestler could end abruptly in case of another injury?
It’s certainly a safeguard. I've always said that someone who sets everything on Alpine wrestling doesn't quite get it. For me, it's a great opportunity to earn a few francs outside my Alpine wrestling career, and to have something for the moment when my swinging career ends. I'd rather build this up now than when I'm 35 and have four children. The personal risk is even lower right now.

Pirmin Reichmuth feels comfortable between heavy weights. Especially when they are in his own physio practice.    Picture: PilatusToday
Pirmin Reichmuth gets everything ready for the opening, together with Angela Felber.     
Photo: Tele 1
Interview with Pirmin Reichmuth                              
Source: PilatusToday (Archive)
Spectators watch the action at the Unspunnen Schwinget              Photo: Peter Schneider


You’ll already slip into the role of father this year. You and your wife Marion are expecting their first child together. How do you reconcile everything?
The most important thing is that I have a wonderful wife by my side. But good organisation and consultation are also part of it. But sometimes I lie in bed and think: 'Am I crazy?’ In those moments, my experience from the sport certainly helps me.

Will your role as a top Alpine wrestler suffer from your two new tasks?
When the preparations for our practice really started rolling last autumn, I was a bit afraid that I might lack the motivation and the enthusiasm for Alpine wrestling. Fortunately, the opposite has happened. I work very hard in training and have not lost any motivation. It has also been agreed with Angela that I will take it easy in the physio practice during the wrestling season, and certainly also in the preparation for the next Swiss national championships.

How was your preparation in winter for the new season?
It was very good. I wasn't injured and never really ill. Now I'm glad that the Alpine wrestling festivals will soon start. Winter is always very long.

Does the controversial referee's decision in the 7th round at the ESAF against Bernhard Kämpf still play a role in your preparation?
Not for me personally. But I’m often asked about this round, and I also think about this scene from time to time, of course. But it's not at all the case that this would cause me to slow down.

The 2023 season is also peppered with some highlights. Do you have any special goals?
The big goal is certainly the Unspunnen Schwinget at the end of August. The North-East Swiss Wrestling Festival in Mollis also has a special appeal for me. Wrestling as a guest in the lion's den is always special. But for me, it's always a case of taking one festival at a time.