Public transport , 10.06.2021

SBB to close Baar–Thalwil line completely on two weekends

As the SBB writes in a short announcement on the electronic timetables for stations, no trains will run between the SBB stations Baar and Zug next weekend from Friday, 11 June, 10.30 p.m., up to and including Sunday evening, and a railway replacement bus service will operate between Zug and Thalwil. The SBB will divert the Gotthard express trains via the Heitersberg and the Freiamt, and, as an exception, will stop in Rotkreuz.

Be careful if you’re taking a trip to Zurich over the next two weekends. As the SBB writes on its website, as well as on the electronic departure boards placed in stations in the region, no trains will run on the section between Baar and Thalwil from 11 June from 10.30 p.m. until Sunday (close of service).

A railway replacement bus service has been set up between Zug and Thalwil. The bus can cover the route between the two stations in about 45 minutes and, like the S24 (Zug - Zürich HB - Weinfelden/Thayngen), will run every half hour. The journey would only take 16 minutes by train. Travellers from Zug to Zurich are therefore well advised to use the S5 (Zug  - Pfäffikon, Schwyz), which travels to Zurich via the Säuliamt (Freiamt). This train takes around 45 minutes to Zurich. According to the SBB, passengers travelling between Lucerne and Zurich will have to divert via Olten.

Due to renovation work, rail replacement services will be set up between Zug and Thalwil.
Picture: Maria Schmid (23 February 2021)

The SBB states that the reason for this is that it has to renew some overhead lines on the section between Baar and Zurich. On request, SBB spokesman Oli Dischoe specifies: "The overhead lines of both tracks on the Thalwil–Horgen–Oberdorf line and part of the catenary at Horgen Oberdorf station will be renewed." In total, The SBB will thereby replace twice 3,800 metres of catenary between Horgen Oberdorf and Thalwil.

North and south traffic is also affected
The closure between Zug and Thalwil will also affect the north-south traffic, of course. The SBB will redirect the trains of the "Treno Gottardo" IR 46, which normally run from Zurich to Zug and the continue on via the original line via the Scheiteltunnel between Göschenen and Airolo, a connection that has existed since 1882, via the Heitersberg and the Südbahn (Southern Railway). During the closure in Zug, the trains will stop, as an exception, in Rotkreuz.

The same regime also applies to the Eurocity and Intercity trains that run through the Gotthard Base Tunnel. During the closure in Zug, this will result in longer travel times to the south and back. The total closure will extend the journey time southwards by around 20 to 30 minutes. The SBB advises: "Please allow for more travel time." You would also be well advised to check whether Rotkreuz is the right place to change to the south or whether the connection via the Lake Zug-East route is faster.

The same regime will then apply again a week later. Then also, no train will run between the Baar and Thalwil stations from Friday, 18 June, to Sunday, 20 June, (close of services).