Oberwil / Zug, 12.04.2024

Sagiplatz becomes a public bathing area, and ban on ‘foreign’ boats

The Sagiplatz area in Oberwil is an insider tip for relaxation and bathing fun. Just in time for the start of the bathing season, the city of Zug is providing "a simple bathing infrastructure with a barrier-free unisex toilet and an outdoor shower".

The decision of the city council on 9 April gives the Sagiplatz area "the status of an unsupervised, public bathing facility". Similar to the regulations for the use of the lakeside bathing areas (such as Trubikon, Tellenörtli, Siehbach, Seeliken and Strandbad), a temporary ban on dogs (except for guide dogs for the blind) will apply on the Sagiplatz site from 1 May 2024 to 30 September 2024. Dogs on a lead are still permitted in the Brüggli public bathing area.

There are many places where you can swim in Lake Zug
A fisherman on Lake Zug               Photos: Stefan Kaiser

Quagga mussel: ban for ‘foreign’ boats
In order to reduce the possible introduction of invasive aquatic organisms, such as the quagga mussel, the Zug cantonal government (Regierungsrat) has imposed restrictions on boats changing waters on Lake Aegeri and the part of Lake Zug located in the canton of Zug.

"Boats registered outside the canton or abroad are affected by the new regulations: in future, only boats registered in the canton of Zug (boats with a Zug licence plate) will be allowed to enter the water on the territory of the canton of Zug," reads the press release. This means, however, that it is still possible to enter the water in Lake Zug in the canton of Schwyz, i.e. in Immensee and Arth.

According to the press release, nothing will change for boats from Zug, although a cleaning, reporting and launching licence is still required for these boats after a change of water.

The ordinance on the launching of boats comes into force on Friday, 12th April.