Baar, 03.06.2021

Rows of windows on canvas

In the Z-Galerie, the 49-year-old Ana Azpeitia shows pictures created during the pandemic as well as a more profound installation.

Due to the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have experienced how slowly and uneventfully time can pass. But some people were inspired by this, including the Zug artist Ana Azpeitia, who says: "I often had to think of my friends in Spain, who were confined to their apartment for two months because of the Corona pandemic." She thereby became aware that the view from a window provides a glimpse of the outside world and the landscape. And that’s how she came up with the topic of windows in her current series, which can currently be seen under the motto "The routine view" in Maria Ziegler's Z-Gallery. The vernissage took place last Saturday.

Ana Azpeitia has created multi-part works for the first time
Image: Maria Schmid

A tour of the exhibition shows how Ana Azpeitia interprets the topic in many ways – with painting and an installation. The monotony of everyday life and the stretching of time triggered contradictory feelings in her. This is already shown near the entrance by the first picture "Verzerrter Blick in Stufen (Distorted view in steps)". The triptych opens up the view from the window of changes in the landscape – with horizontally distorted proportions. As she likes to integrate colour gradations into her acrylic paintings, the warm shades gradually merge into lighter ones.

The joy of experimentation
Ana Azpeitia, who studied fine arts in Madrid and has lived in Zug since 2009, has thereby created multi-part works for the first time. With reference to her diverse roles as a housewife and mother, teacher and artist, she says:  "Every picture is a new experience. I can play with these series and thereby combine different compositions. I also don't need so much time for each individual piece, and, as I paint on the floor, it's easier for me to work in small dimensions."

She is constantly challenged to try new techniques. The painting "Without title" was one such case, in which geometric and organic forms can be seen under the transparent layers. In this way, it creates a special atmosphere, as does the "Geblendeten Fenstern (dazzled windows)".

The motif of dry branches in architectural forms can be found in individual works, often as a connecting element. The artist has chosen more pastel colours for this series. With its strong colours, the "Diagonale Verzerrung” (Diagonal Distortion)" work reminds one of earlier works. "I play with colours and shapes here. After the primer, I first drew the oblique lines before I applied layer after layer. I took photos of the different stages, and considered how the image should develop further. That takes time, and was why the picture was created in stages."

Symbol for the "trapped" world
A surprise awaits the visitor in the lower floor, with an installation that uses the entire interior. Thin, white elastic cords link the six small windows and the door with the centre of the room, which is configured as a symbolic window frame. The artist explains the development process as follows: "I saw the dark place and wanted to do something with the closed windows. Only one window is connected to the outside room, and is almost unattainably high. So the whole world is trapped here."

Her installation recalls Plato's allegory of the cave, and thereby wants to be a reminder of the original function of the windows. The connecting rubber band is also used for the paper masks, and thereby has a strong significance in terms of restriction and protection. "The lines of the bands could represent the daily routines, the repetitive paths, or could also be perceived as a light path." A single lamp has been used to illuminate this profound work, whose play of shadows on the white wall deepens our perception.


The exhibition of the works of Ana Azpeitia is on view until 26 June. The Z-Galerie, Dorfstrasse 6a, Baar, is open as follows: Wed – Fri 3–6 p.m., Sun 11 a.m.–2 p.m.