Zug, 11.04.2024

Residents of Zug drive the most expensive and heaviest cars

Nowhere else in Switzerland do people drive more expensive cars than in the canton of Zug. Cars there cost an average of CHF 65,000. The people of Zug are also at the top of the weight class.

The most expensive cars in Switzerland are on the roads of the canton of Zug: the average vehicle value there is CHF 65,000. In second place is the canton of Schwyz, with just over CHF 58,000, followed by Appenzell Innerrhoden with just under CHF 55,000. The cantons of Graubünden, Basel-Stadt, Zurich, Nidwalden, Basel-Land, Obwalden, Aargau, Valais and Geneva are also above the average. This was reported by the Axa insurance company, which compiled statistics with the figures from 2023.

Zug residents spend CHF 20,000 more than the people of Jura, Neuchâtel and Fribourg
At the other end of the ranking are the cantons of Jura, Neuchâtel and Fribourg, where people drive the cheapest cars. The average vehicle value there is between CHF 43,000 and just over CHF 44,000 - over CHF 20,000 less than in the canton of Zug. "The fact that the people of Zug and Schwyz have a preference for expensive and modern cars is probably due to their comparatively high level of wealth. In addition, the proportion of company cars is higher in Zug than in other cantons, which also raises the average," said the insurance company in its press release on Wednesday.

The people of Zug like to buy large and expensive cars. For example, these cars on sale at the Porsche Centre Zug          Archive image: Zuger Zeitung

The people of Zug are also at the top of the weight class when it comes to their vehicles. Cars in Zug weigh over 1,600 kilograms on average. In second and third place are the cantons of Graubünden and Schwyz, where vehicles weigh slightly less than 1,600 kilograms. "A higher vehicle weight indicates larger vehicles on the one hand, while, on the other, there are more electric cars on the road, which tend to be heavier due to the battery," says the Axa press release. The people of Ticino, Neuchâtel and Jura favour lighter and therefore smaller cars, with an average vehicle weight of around 1,400 kilograms each.

Zug cars are 9 years old on average
The canton of Zug is only in second place in the ranking of the newest cars. On average, Zug residents drive cars that are 9 years old. Ticino residents have newer vehicles, namely an average of 8.9 years old. The oldest cars are driving around with licence plates from Schaffhausen, Bern and Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

And in terms of kilometres driven, the people of Zug are also only in second place. Cars are used the most in the canton of Neuchâtel. The people of Neuchâtel cover more than 14,000 kilometres by car every year. They are closely followed by the cantons of Zug, Obwalden, Fribourg and Vaud, with an average annual mileage of just under 14,000 kilometres. Cars are driven significantly less in the cantons of Geneva, Uri and Bern (around 12,000 kilometres per year).

Cars are also becoming increasingly expensive
According to the insurance company, there is a trend towards increasingly expensive cars on the roads throughout Switzerland. A car cost an average of CHF 44,000 in 2019. Four years later, it is just under CHF 49,000, an increase of 11%. The increase in the canton of Zug was 12%, from CHF 58,000 in 2019 to CHF 65,000 four years later.