Canton Zug, 03.06.2021

Prize for two everyday heroes

On Wednesday, 3rd June 2021, the Security Directorate, together with the patronage community of Neuheim, awarded the Zug Prize for Civil Courage.

On the night of 30 May 2020, a brawl was underway on the Gotthardstrasse near the Bundesplatz (‘EPA platz’) in the city of Zug. "Three young men attacked a 60-year-old taxi driver, first punching his head and then kicking him as he lay on the ground," reports the Canton of Zug. Richi Martins from Baar and Stefan Cardoso Ferreira from Buchrain witnessed the crime from their car, and courageously intervened, after which the three young men ran away. The two helpers then called the police and took care of the victim until the arrival of the rescue forces. On Wednesday, 2 June 2021, the two men were honoured with the Prix Courage, the Zug Prize for Civil Courage. The total of CHF 1,000 was divided between Richi Martins and Cardoso Ferreira.

Re-enacted scene

"Thanks to their courageous actions, they were able to prevent even worse things from happening," the statement continues. The 60-year-old taxi driver had to be admitted to hospital with significant head injuries. "They were able to provide the emergency services with decisive clues about the perpetrators and the direction of their escape, which ultimately led to their arrest in the following days."

Award ceremony in Neuheim
On the occasion of the award ceremony, Roger Bosshart, Head of Security at Neuheim, thanked the two award winners: "With your swift and determined intervention, you have acted in a very exemplary manner to help a fellow human being in need. You deserve a great thank you for that." Security Director Beat Villiger also praised their behaviour, and pointed out: "They didn’t simply look the other way, but stepped in and helped. That cannot be praised enough. The police and emergency services depend on the courageous actions of attentive citizens like you." In gratitude for their commitment, Stefan Cardoso Ferreira and Richi Martins jointly received this year's Zug Prize for Civil Courage.

Three-member jury
The Prix Courage was awarded for the first time in 2010 as part of the "Together against Violence" project. A three-member jury chaired by Beat Villiger, Security Director of the Canton of Zug, determines the winners from reports received from the population and the police. Each year, a different municipality in Zug takes over the patronage of the award ceremony.