Canton Zug, 03.03.2023

Prize for civil courage

The Zug Security Directorate will again be awarding the "Zug Prize for Civil Courage" in 2023. Nominations are open for anyone in the canton of Zug who has rescued fellow citizens from an emergency situation and helped to ensure their safety in the past year.

There are often people who courageously but thoughtfully stand up for their fellow human beings: these people are being sought as candidates for the "Zug Prize for Civil Courage", which the canton created as part of the "Together against Violence" (Gemeinsam gegen Gewalt) project, and that will be awarded this year for the 11th time on the recommendation of a jury. Nominations can only be submitted by third parties. Anyone who has shown courage in promoting safety in the canton of Zug in 2022 is eligible for the award.

Possible candidates can be notified in writing by 6 April 2023 to the Canton Zug Security Directorate, "Zug Prize for Civil Courage", P.O. Box, 6301 Zug, or by e-mail to The notification should be documented with appropriate evidence - for example photos or reports.

The prize money is CHF 1,000, according to a corresponding announcement. The award ceremony will take place in Hünenberg on Friday, 2 June 2023.