Zug, 03.12.2019

Police warn against pickpockets

The Advent season provides pickpockets with increased opportunities. A message from the Central Swiss Police Corps recommends that you should always keep an eye on your personal valuables in order to ensure that the festive season brings the expected joy, with no unpleasant surprises.

Confidence tricksters and pickpockets prefer to operate where there are crowds, and Christmas markets, train stations and overcrowded trains and buses present attractive opportunities for thieves. "Pickpockets do not usually operate alone, but tend to work in groups. They first try to distract their victims, for example, by intentionally jostling them, asking the way to somewhere, asking for small change for a note, or ‘accidentally’ spilling drinks on people," the communique continues.

With a little care, however, you can largely protect yourself against this kind of theft.