Canton Zug, 07.02.2020

Police warn against drinking and driving

With special reference to the approaching carnival (Fasnacht) period, the Central Swiss Police Corps warns against driving when tired or under the influence of alcohol. The “Wer trinkt, fährt nicht” (If you drink, don't drive)” campaign is aimed at ensuring road traffic safety during the so-called 'fifth season'.

According to a press release, the Central Swiss Police Corps will also increasingly keep an eye on the roadworthiness of road users.

The release stressed that the following points should be given particular attention:

- In principle, always try to use public transport or taxis.
- Carpools should be organized, in which the driver will not drink alcohol.
- Persons who are no longer fit to drive (from alcohol or drug use) should be prevented from driving.
- As alcohol only breaks down slowly, you should never drive while you have a "hangover".