Canton Zug, 26.05.2020

Police busy over the weekend

Unmarked patrol overtaken: 19-year-old speeds along motorway at 176 kph

A young car driver accelerated sharply several times on the motorway and massively exceeded the permitted maximum speed. He was stopped and reported to the prosecutor's office.

On Friday evening, the Zug police stopped a motorist who was travelling at a horrendous speed on the A4 motorway between Küssnacht and the Rütihof junction. After overtaking an unmarked police patrol car in his sports car, the speeding driver accelerated several times and continued to drive at high speed, according to a statement from the Zug police.

According to the police, the speed measurement showed a net speed of up to 176 km/h, whereby the maximum speed allowed on this section is 120 km/h. The driver of the vehicle was subsequently stopped at Rotkreuz. He is a 19-year-old Swiss, but was only in possession of a foreign driver's licence. This was confiscated on the spot, and he was banned from driving in Switzerland. He must also answer to the competent public prosecutor.

Motorist without a driver's license stopped twice, in Cham and Zug

A 34-year-old female driver ran into two police checks within a matter of hours. Her vehicle has been confiscated by the prosecutor's office.

On Saturday afternoon, 23 May, the Zug Police checked a female motorist on the Bahnhofstrasse in the municipality of Cham. They found that the 34-year-old, a Macedonian woman, did not have a valid driver's licence, the police reported in a news release.

She was then prevented from driving on. According to the communication, however, this did not prevent her from getting behind the wheel again a few hours later.

She did not get far, however, and her car was again spotted by the same police patrol on the Steinhauserstrasse in the city of Zug, They stopped the vehicle a second time and found the same woman sitting at the wheel. As a result, the car was confiscated by the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Canton of Zug. In addition, the woman will have to appear before the public prosecutor for her misconduct.