Rotkreuz, 11.07.2019

Plans afoot to renovate historic mill complex at a cost of CHF 10 million

Discussions have been going on for some time about plans to renovate a number of buildings in the Binzmühle (former mill) complex on the outskirts of Rotkreuz. Whether it will all go ahead will depend on the result of a referendum to be held on 24 November.


As the secretary to the council, Ivor Krummenacher, explained, the precise future use of the buildings has been extensively discussed and feasibility studies conducted, with part of the complex planned to be given over to public use, the cost of the renovation of the three buildings which make up the complex amounting to CHF 10 million.


Flats are planned for both the former mill and the main building (to the left in the photograph) with provision for people such as those belonging to various clubs, pensioners, children and those interested in nature, to be able to meet up on the ground floor, too. One aspect relating to this has been the desire to keep vehicular access limited. As for the warehouse-style building (on the right in the photograph), this has been earmarked as storage space and an area for the protection of wildlife such as bats on the upper floor.


All political groups, except the SVP party, are basically behind the project, even if they have reservations about the cost. The SVP party felt it would be better for the complex to be set up as a museum, such as the tile museum in Hagendorn, and felt not enough consideration had been given to vehicular access, not to mention the meeting place for clubs.


While other political parties expressed other specific reservations, the chairman of the FDP party, Rolf Brandenberger, said that the whole project had been in the pipeline for so long it was better to get on with it rather than embark on yet further discussion. “After all, the current state of the fabric will not improve unless measures are undertaken,” he said.