Hünenberg , 02.06.2021

Pfadi carries out first repair café in the municipality

On Saturday, June 5, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Repair Café will be held for the first time in the Ehret C school building in Hünenberg. According to the municipality, this is "a public event at which volunteers will carry out repairs to appliances and other items". The organisation will be carried out by the Hünenberg Pfadi (boy scouts).

The Zug version takes place in various Zug municipalities on several Saturdays throughout the year. The Repair Café Zug is currently being carried out on a rotating basis in Zug/Baar, Unterägeri, Cham, Menzingen and now in Hünenberg. A repairer with the appropriate expertise will be present.

Don’t throw away repairable items, and thereby help to avoid waste. Having objects repaired is also an aid to self-help. If the repair order can be carried out without too much effort, the device can be taken away again immediately. Visit us with your defective items, and also bring along any accessories or spare parts, e.g. connection cables for a laptop, spare batteries or a CD for a hi-fi system. Following the repair, all electrical devices will be tested for electrical safety in accordance with standards.

On June 5, domestic appliances and many other items will be repaired in the schoolhouse Ehret C in Hünenberg.

If all repairers are busy, you can bridge the waiting time in the outdoor area with drinks or snack. The combination between repair work and the small culinary offer is a meaningful combination.

With the support of the municipality, the local organisation will be carried out by the Pfadi Hü (Hünenberg boy scouts). Sustainability plays an important role for the scouts, and this is reflected in the support of this project. To cover expenses, voluntary donations for the repairs carried out and for the consumption are very welcome.

New volunteer repairers are always welcome. Further information is available by e-mail info.zug@repair-cafe-zug.chor on the website  https://www.repair-cafe-zug.ch. 

Saturday, June 5, 2021, 10:00 - 15:00
Schoolhouse Ehret C; Zentrumstrasse 6
Organizer        Repair Café Zug
E-Mail:             info.zug@repair-cafe-zug.ch