Huenenberg, 07.11.2019

Petition against the Chueweid submitted

The petition of the Fluid Spirit association from Hünenberg has hit a nerve. The initiators have collected 12,397 signatures.

The Fluid Spirit association, with headquarters in Hünenberg, presented the petition "Against the “Chueweid” animal factory in Drälikon / Hünenberg" to mayor Renate Huwyler and the head of the planning and construction board, Thomas Anderegg, on 4 November. 12,397 signatures had been collected in the period from 17 August to 31 October, and the petition is directed against the construction of a new and larger barn for the Jersey cattle of farmer Martin Schuler. The building owner is Interfarm GmbH. "The aim of the petition was to make the population aware of the Chueweid project, and to point out the resulting negative consequences," writes Fluid Spirit President Danielle H. Jolissaint in a press release.

The association demands from the municipal council that "any extensions or enlargements, as well as the corresponding rezoning and special regulations in connection with the Chueweid farm in Drälikon, should be assessed and judged with regard to the will of the local population and not only that of the farmers." It also asks for more transparency.

The association, which was founded in 2011, is dedicated to the goal of "creating a home for all beings, that is, all the people, animals and plants of this world". In the course of this endeavour, it also promotes the vegan diet. This would be of great service to both nature and the climate, writes the association.

The new building plans of farmer Martin Schuler, shown here with his Jersey cattle, have aroused discussions

Dairy and meat consumption have declined markedly in Switzerland over the past ten years, "and animal factories such as this, with their corresponding animal suffering, should not harm our nature, resulting in the loss of our recreational zones, a reduction of biodiversity and damage to the groundwater," says Fluid Spirit. "The Reuss plain would be a uniquely beautiful recreational area for we humans, were it not for the manure and Interfarm GmbH, with all pain caused by the separation of mother cows and calves."

However, the initiators of the petition do not comment on the fact that the nature and extent of the farmer Martin Schuler's project is far from finalised (we reported in October). It is possible that he is not planning to expand his business, but only to renovate it. It may thereby not be necessary to rezone the area, and would simply have to go through the normal approval procedure instead.

In addition, as councillor Thomas Anderegg said, a concrete project will be checked for compliance with the law in any case. It is necessary to comply with the relevant animal welfare regulations and the relevant environmental and landscape protection standards.