Cham-Hagendorn, 27.04.2020

People infected by the Corona virus report on the experience

People who have tested positive for Covid-19 in the canton of Zug are being contacted by the Lung League of Central Switzerland. Contact tracing is also now being expanded.

Anica Musto from Hagedorn and her family were all infected with the corona virus. The first flu symptoms appeared in the husband on March 19, three days later with Anica Musto herself, and their two adult daughters fell ill three days later, writes the Lungenliga (lung league) of Central Switzerland in a statement, in which the organisation describes how a family affected by Covid-19 experienced their time in self-isolation.

The affected persons were living together in the same household, and all suffered from the symptoms of the disease, such as severe muscle pain, moderate fever, severe headache, great fatigue, no sense of taste and a dry cough for about two weeks. Anica Musto's husband also had a longer-lasting high fever and had to be hospitalised with pneumonia. Fortunately, his condition quickly improved and he was able to return home after three days.

No strength and no appetite
"No sooner did we feel better for a day, then we suffered a relapse on the next day. We all had virtually no strength to get up, and no appetite for food. It took us a long time to feel reasonably healthy again. I underestimated this situation," says Anica Musto. "In addition, there was the feeling of powerlessness and the emotional pressure."

The Zug Health Director Martin Pfister (second from right) thanks the employees of the Lung League Central Switzerland: Matthias Moritz, Lucia Stöckli and Brigitta Arnold (from left).

A lung league employee contacted them by phone on the first day of their isolation at home, and asked how they were doing. The same employee then called regularly. "She provided additional support and helpful information for various other problems."

It was just good for the soul to know that someone is always there," she adds.

This was a great support for them, writes the Lung League. Neighbours also helped in an uncomplicated way, and looked after the shopping and medication. Anica Musto is very grateful for these experiences. The family is now doing better, and Musto started working part-time again on Monday.

More contact persons should be quarantined
From the confirmation of the first case in the canton of Zug on 3 March, a so-called ‘contact tracing’ has been a fundamental part of the canton's control measures, according to the Health Directorate. Contact tracing can identify all the people who have had close contact with infected individuals. These contact persons are urged to immediately quarantine themselves in their homes, and not to make physical contact with any persons outside their home. So far, all the confirmed cases, as well as the close contact persons, have been contacted in this way.

As a result of the federal government's policy adjustment, this group of persons is now being expanded: With immediate effect, persons who have not had a positive SARS-CoV-2 test, but who are considered to be suspected cases on the basis of the clinical findings of a doctor, will be contacted accordingly. The circle of contact persons will also be expanded. Cantonal doctor Rudolf Hauri explains: "Until now, we have mainly focused on people from the same household – this is now being extended again, for example, to colleagues who have been in direct and close contact with those infected."

Persons in self-isolation are usually contacted for ten days, and the investigations are carried out by the Lung Liga of Central Switzerland. "Through the daily telephone calls, we can ensure that social contacts are maintained with the people in isolation," adds Health Director Martin Pfister.

The federal government has also adapted the test criteria: All people showing symptoms of the Covid-19 disease are now being tested. The existing test capacities are sufficient, even after this expansion, the Health Directorate assures. The following also still applies: The test is only carried out on the order of the family doctor.