City of Zug, 25.11.2021

People are always the focus of Urs Bischof's sculptures

The Zug artist Urs Bischof has been following a clear line in his works of art for many years. This is also evident in his current exhibition in the middle of the city of Zug.

It is high art when its creator ensures that the message of his work is understood by the viewer without much explanation. An important factor here: it’s not the words about the work of art that are the most important thing, what counts is the impression it makes. The works of the Zug artist and goldsmith Urs Bischof meet this criterion perfectly – and have done so for decades. What's more, his three-dimensional works of art, which are currently on display in the shop of Les Deux Men on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zug, often show people reduced to a tiny creature compared to the space around them. The message is clear: in all his actions, the individual must always be aware that he needs fellow human beings in order to be able to realise himself in the long term. Urs Bischof says bluntly that, in his creative process, he begins with the basic idea of "scenes from life". His sculptures are manifold in size and thickness.

One of his works stands in the Talacher roundabout near Baar, and cannot be overlooked. But Urs Bishop's fine hand can also seen in the fragile figures made of gold. In these works, the artist surprises the viewer by using materials that create a great contrast in colour. Whether Carara marble, the remnants of a meteorite, a valuable crystal from the Urnerland or a noble wood, Urs Bischof shows no shyness in his choice of fabrics.

Creativity knows no age limits
Urs Bischof explains what the 24 works exhibited at Les Deux Men in Zug have in common: "My emotional worlds, in which I move, naturally flow into my works of art." These bear names, for example, such as "Alone", "Temptation", "Wave rider", "Life balance" or "Just before the destination". Urs Bischof hardly sees the destination as the end of his creative phases, however, because artists pursue their passion throughout their lives.

Urs Bischof is pleased with the exhibition
A work by Urs Bischof.
This sculpture can also be seen.
Many celebrities at the vernissage of Urs Bischof, who can be seen on the far left of the picture. Furthermore, from left: Bernhard Neidhart (Head of the Office for Economic Affairs of the Canton of Zug), Silvio Bischof (owner of the shop and son of Urs Bischof), Martin Andermatt (football coach), Joachim Eder (former National Councillor) and the current Landammann Martin Pfister.

Photos: Matthias Jurt, Zug

Particularly impressive is a bronze ball on the second floor of the Les Deux experience world. Only at second glance does the viewer recognise a message that could not be more topical. People giving each other support. Only together can the individuals hold the earth together. Working together towards a goal is a philosophy of life that is not exactly in its heyday at the moment.

A fountain as an enhancement of the upper Postplatz
Urs Bischof explains that various guests on the three days of the vernissage had said to him that placing this globe on a fountain would be an really good idea. The attendees of the vernissages had also suggested a possible place to set up this bronze fountain: the upper Postplatz in Zug. The political celebrities present at the vernissage – Landammann Martin Pfister, National Councillor Manuela Weichelt-Picard, City Councillor Urs Raschle, Bernhard Neidhart, Head of the Cantonal Office for Economic Affairs and Labour, and Joachim Eder, former Member of the Council of States of Zug – have possibly already considered the idea of the fountain. Urs Bischof adds with a smile that bronze is a valuable material with a long service life. The visitors to the vernissage in the concept store were a colourful mix. Perfect for an exchange of ideas.

The exhibition venue of Urs Bischof's works at Les Deux Men on Bahnhofstrasse in Zug has a family background. It was his son Silvio Bischof who set up the concept store, and there are now four Les Deux stores in Switzerland. Silvio Bischof's wife Fabienne, mother-in-law Angela Billi and his older siblings Kajo and Janine also work for Les Deux in one form or another. According to the Zug artist Urs Bischof, it was clear to him that the vernissages would be held in the family business.