Baar, 11.04.2019

Partners Group to open office in Toronto

The Partners Group asset management and financial services company has announced it is to open an office in Canada, its fourth one on the north American continent.


In addition to offices it runs in the United States, namely in New York, Denver and Houston, the new office will be just across the border in Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario.


David Leyton, the co-CEO of the Baar-based company, mentioned how Canada had become a dynamic market and home to some of the most sophisticated institutional investors in the world. Having an office in Toronto would mean the company being able to meet increasing demand from a broad spectrum of Canadian institutions for private market solutions. “Indeed, these already represent an important part in many investors’ portfolios, contributing significantly to the enhancement of their overall returns,” he said.


The company also announced that the new office would be led by Brad Ballard, a former director at Blackrock, who will bring with him 15 years of experience in the sector.


Partners Group actually began their north American operation with the opening of the New York office in 2000, now employing a staff of more than 250 across its US branches.


Out of interest, as of September last year, Partners Group was the 21st largest employer in the canton of Zug, with a payroll of 338, its turnover at that time amounting to CHF1.2 billion a year.


This article is based primarily on one written by Livio Brandenberg.