Canton Zug, 15.05.2024

Overview of swimming pools and lidos in Canton Zug: Part 1

New and tried-and-tested bathing fun: What do the swimming pools in Zug have in store for this season? Over 2 days, we provide an overview of the offers in Zug

With the rising temperatures, the bathing season is just around the corner. The swimming pools in Zug are actively preparing, with some of them having some new features in store this year.

The new swimming season started last week, and most pools opened this week. Some operators are focusing on new attractions and offers this year, while others are sticking to the old familiar. What's new this year?

Zug lido
According to operations manager Jérôme Gilg, everything at the ‘Strandbad Zug’ is largely staying the same. The bathing area directly on Lake Zug will be open to visitors once again this year, free of charge between 9 am and 10 pm. The only major event that will be promoted is the Mother's Day brunch on Sunday, May 12, which takes place just one day after the start of the Zug lido season. According to Jérôme Gilg, there will also be some adjustments to the food, drink and ice cream on offer, although he is leaving open what is planned.

Siehbach lido
The Seebad Siehbach is once again open to guests of all ages for swimming and relaxing, says Claudia Rüttimann from the Badi-Bar. "Friends, families and individuals can look forward to events such as the salsa night and numerous live music performances by local artists this summer," she says. The summer menu offers a wide selection of drinks and grilled dishes, and guests can enjoy activities such as ping-pong and stand-up paddling.

Photo 1.  The swimming pools in the canton of Zug started the summer season last week. Final preparations are currently underway, as you can see from lifeguard Gero Schärli at the Lättich outdoor pool.      Photo: Stefan Kaiser
Photo 2   The Zug Lido with sunbathing and swimming facilities directly on Lake Zug   
Photo: Stefan Kaiser
Photo 3.  Children were already able to use the water play equipment at Badi Lättich last year. It will be used again this season                           Photo: zvg/Lättich indoor and outdoor pool

Photo 4.  Happy bathing fun at the Hünenberg am See bathing area         Photo: Matthias Jurt


Lättich indoor and outdoor pool
There are some new features at the Lättich indoor and outdoor pool in Baar this year. "This season, we have a Box-Up Station in the outdoor pool for the first time. Registration there allows you to borrow play and sports accessories free of charge. We will also be using our water play equipment again," explains Operations Manager Marco Weber.

Up to the end of the school summer vacations, the Lättich outdoor pool will also remain open until 9 pm. This is one hour longer than on selected days last year. According to Marco Weber, there will be homemade pizza on the outdoor pool terrace, and the kiosk will also be available on busy weekdays, just like last year.

Hünenberg lido
Ella Vogt
from the Badi-Beiz at the Strandbad Hünenberg also promises plenty of attractions for the warmer months: "We are organizing an Asian festival on 29 June, celebrating the year of the wooden dragon. In the afternoon, a group will perform the fantastic lion dance every hour." The food on offer that day will be based on Thai, Indonesian, Chinese and Filipino cuisine.

With the exception of Sundays and Mondays, the Badi-Beiz and its conservatory will be open every evening and offer a variety of dishes. According to Ella Vogt, public viewings of the European Football Championships and an autograph session by Alex Oberholzer, film editor at Radio 24 and SRF, on his new book are planned there this season.


Part 2 of the overview will appear tomorrow.