Steinhausen, 17.09.2020

No one is too old for yoga

The residents of the 38 retirement apartments of the Dreiklang Centre in Steinhausen can look forward to various activities in the inner courtyard. There is now a new ‘chair yoga’ session with music and dance acvities – and it’s quite a sight.

Quiet music can be heard in the secluded courtyard of the Dreiklang centre in Steinhausen. As yoga teacher Anna Küng gives her instructions, her students slowly breathe in and out. It's Monday night at 5 p.m., the weather is just right. Anna Küng speaks in a calm voice, helping the seniors to find the rhythm: "Feel how your abdomen rises and lowers with every breath."

For these exercises, the participants do not lie on yoga mats on the floor, but sit on a comfortable chair. The name of this sport is "chair yoga". According to its own description, it should maintain mobility and stimulate blood circulation, and this version of yoga is suitable for people who are no longer very mobile. Anna Küng is a trained yoga teacher and the daughter of Hans and Karen Küng, who also live in the Dreiklang Centre. Hans Küng is the only man in the round, but he himself says that he doesn’t mind about that.

Good cohesion
The breathing exercises are followed by gymnastics. Tense muscles are loosened In the second part of the lesson, which lasts about 60 minutes. "We often have tense shoulders, but we don't notice it. We can solve this by tensioning and then relaxing," explains the trainer. "Try it out to see how it feels." Anna Küng guides the participants confidently through her well compiled program. Every one is ‘per du’ here, and, despite the corona-related social distancing, the group forms an intimate unit.

Yoga teacher Anna Küng (in the foreground) demonstrates the exercises

This is evidence of the good cohesion within the settlement, and resident Martha Demuth thinks she knows the reason for this:

"We talk to each other, but not about each other."

The former teacher is the good fairy in the quarter. If there is any possibility for doing something different or a new activity, Demuth grabs it by the scruff of the neck. "Without the support of the others, however, this wouldn’t work," she explains. After two trial lessons, 13 residents have signed up for ‘chair yoga’ with Anna Küng..

The best comes at the end
"Now comes the highlight," says Anna Küng, announcing the last part of the lesson. She has come up with something special for the seniors: dance movements on the chair. "The group requested music from the 1960s." The choreography for the song "Monsieur" is then practiced. The goal is to have fun and feel the rhythm. "Things get a little better every time," says Anna, encouraging those who didn’t quite get the sequence the first time around. After a total of three songs and the earworm "Let's Twist Again", the session is over. The quickened pulses are slowed down again with a sung "Om", and the hour is over.

The participants learn how to move in a playful way
"This great music really makes my bones twitch," enthuses one participant, while another says: "I always have such warm hands and feet afterwards." The seniors are all full of praise for Anna Küng: "I think it's nice that such a young woman does this, and she has such a great charisma," is the opinion of a participant who, like the previously quoted, prefers not to be named in the newspaper. What they probably do want, however, is to take place in the next ‘chair yoga’ lesson.


Anna Küng also gives yoga sessions in the Sky Gym (Bösch 55) in Hünenberg Bösch (by the tennis centre) every week on Monday (Sleep yoga) at 8.15 p.m., Tuesday at 4.40 p.m. and 5.45 p.m., Wednesday at 12.15 and Friday at 5.00 p.m. Everyone welcome!
She is also organising Chakra Yoga and Relaxation weekends in Vitznau on October 23 – 25th (in English -  see also ‘Events’)  and November 20 - 22 (in German). A few places are still available for both courses.

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