Zug, 15.04.2024

Nik Hartmann's recipe for a midlife crisis

Nik Hartmann is fulfilling his heart's desire: he is studying music at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts As a flutist - and sometimes feels "like he's on a parent visit day".

"What do I actually want?": This question was on the mind of Zug TV personality Nik Hartmann (51). Then he suddenly realised what he wanted. "Actually, I should have studied music at the age of 20." He is now catching up on this; he has been a music student at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Hochschule Luzern) for a year and a half. In a recently published article in "Glückspost" magazine, he says that he has criminally neglected his passion, tat of playing the flute, in recent years. He is also quoted as saying: "If there's one thing I'm really good at in life, it's this."

"Achieved admission without a celebrity bonus"
He successfully passed the entrance exam for jazz studies at the first attempt. "And without a celebrity bonus," he told the magazine. He made it very clear from the outset that he didn't want to take a place at university away from someone else just because he was famous.

When asked by the "Zuger Zeitung" newspaper, Nik Hartmann said that, as a well-known TV face at HSLU, "I don't radiate anything special. I am a flautist and am perceived as a fully-fledged classmate, I hope". It's only when he sees himself in pictures with his much younger fellow students that "I sometimes feel like it's parents' visiting day".

He sees his music studies as inspiring, as a kind of "strength training for the brain, and when you do something so intense, it also re-energises you for your job"; he is also working as co-head of the In-House Production TV National department at CH Media group, to which the Zuger Zeitung newspaper also belongs.

Nik Hartmann is passionate about playing the flute           Photo: -Aurelia-Marin

"I decided in favour of the spirit"
He also sees his music degree as his recipe for a midlife crisis. It was even a decisive factor in his decision to start something new again, reports the Schweizer People magazine: "Some people start making pottery, others change their partnership and then there are people who do something for the mind," he explains. "I decided in favour of the spirit, much to the delight of those around me."

He does not yet know how he intends to use his studies once he has completed them. "But it's possible that music will continue to occupy me professionally." But he will have to neglect his studies a little at the moment: he is working flat out for 3+ in preparation for the Swiss Music Awards, which will take place on 8 May in the Hallenstadion in Zurich and will be shown live on 3+ TV channel (8.15 pm). He is also busy organising two live concerts of "Sing meinen Song" on 3 and 4 May in Zurich, another production from CH Media (tickets are available here).

And if Nik Hartmann ever needs a creative break from all the big national TV programmes, he has a recipe: simply retire and play his flute.