Zug, 22.07.2021

New short-distance delivery service - easi.delivery

The three colleagues Lukas Schnurrenberger, Tobias Rothenfluh and Michael Rinderli from Cham and Baar founded their new delivery service, easi.delivery, in the spring, and their e-bike couriers locate and supply customers with GPS.

Who doesn't know the situation? You’re sitting on the Seepromenade (lake promenade) with friends on a hot summer day. The beer suddenly runs out, or you feel the need for a cool ice cream. But there are already a number of people waiting at the nearby kiosk, and you’d have to walk quite some way to the next shop. What can you do to avoid dampening the mood? From this spring, you can have soft drinks, beer or sparkling apple wine, and snacks such as crisps, nuts or sweets, as well as ice cream, delivered directly on site on the Zug Seepromenade. Namely from the short-distance delivery service easi.delivery, which uses an app and GPS function to deliver orders with one of the two e-bikes to "where life is taking place".

At any rate, that’s how the founders of easi.delivery, Lukas Schnurrenberger from Cham, Tobias Rothenfluh from Cham and Michael Rinderli from Baar, advertise their innovative delivery service with the Cargo Bike, which is adorned with the characteristic blue logo. With their newly founded start-up, Deine Lieblingsfirma GmbH, based in Zug, the three friends have set themselves the goal of realising innovative projects, particularly in the field of flexible gastronomy.

Payment is only made cashless via the app
"We came up with the idea last year during the Corona lockdown, when everything was closed. We considered how attractive it could be to serve people outside," says one of the founders, Lukas Schnurrenberger. There’s already a snack stand on the Seepromenade, but a short-distance delivery service on an electric bike would be a novelty. "Once we’d settled on the idea, we looked for a company that could produce such a bike according to our wishes, as well as someone who would program the ‘easi app’ order application for the smartphone," continued 32-year-old Lukas Schnurrenberger. After about a year of planning and development, the starting signal for easi.delivery was given at Easter this year:

"We had a total of four e-bikes with built-in refrigeration and heating functions, manufactured by an Austrian company. The price of a vehicle is around CHF 10,000."

Tobias Rothenfluh, Michael Rinderli and Lukas Schnurrenberger (from left to right) are the founders of Zug's new short-distance delivery service easi.delivery, whose e-bikes can be seen on the lakeside promenade since spring.
Manuela Feldmann will carry out the deliveries in good weather.

Photo: PD

The app for ordering was programmed by a Swiss person who lives in Germany. And this is how it works: "The customer selects the available products via the app and pays cashlessly, directly in the app. The customer can then use GPS to track when the supplier will arrive, and the courier in turn sees exactly where the customer is," explains 34-year-old co-founder Michael Rinderli. You can’t pay the bike directly with cash, because it is not a stand with a fixed location and you’d need additional permits. The order radius is approximately in the vicinity of the Seepromenade and its immediate surroundings, but the courier can also extend it via app.

The delivery times are flexible
Downloading the free app is therefore crucial. "In the meantime, we already have around 1,000 users and there are more and more every day," says Schnurrenberger happily. Users like the uncomplicated ordering process, which doesn’t require a delivery address, as well as the sustainability of the products. "Wherever possible, we work together with local partners," explains Schnurrenberger.

Delivery is carried out by employee Manuela Feldmann and some employees working on an hourly basis, who are mainly deployed on weekends in good weather. "But we could also carry out deliveries during the week if the weather is nice and there are lots of people by the lake," says Manuela Feldmann. The company is flexible in this respect, as well as in terms of delivery times, and is still expanding: "We always deliver when there are enough requests," says Schnurrenberger.

Deliveries can also be carried out in the autumn and winter – with a different range
For two weeks now, easi.delivery has also been on the road in Zurich with two bikes. "In the future, we’d like to expand our catchment area to include other German-speaking Swiss cities," adds 34-year-old co-founder Tobias Rothenfluh. And the young men could even consider running the delivery service in the colder seasons. "As I said, the delivery box also has a heating function, with which other suitable products can be delivered in autumn or winter," explains Rothenfluh. In addition, they are also open to a temporary conversion of the bike, such as the rental of bicycles for events, trade fairs or private events. "We’re not short of ideas," concludes Rinderli.

For more information, please visit https://www.easi.delivery.