Zug, 15.09.2020

New development in doctor dispute

A new communal medical practice will open on the Poststrasse in Zug on 1 February. The former employees of the Centramed practice have joined the competition.

The Ärztezentren Deutschschweiz AG (Medical Centres German-speaking Switzerland) have announced as follows: it will be opening a new group practice at Poststrasse 20 in Zug on 1 February 2021.

Regula Kaufmann, who was previously in a leading position at the Centramed practice in the Neustadt Passage, will become the practice manager. Her "long-standing practice team" will also be moving to the new location, as the Ärztezentren Deutschschweiz AG, based in Freienbach, Schwyz, writes. The company, which is headed by Managing Director Per-Erik Diethelm, currently operates 19 medical centres. There is already a medical centre In the canton of Zug, in Menzingen, and others are located in the Rain in canton Lucerne, as well as in Reichenburg and Pfäffikon in the canton of Schwyz.

According to the communication, the new practice will offer treatments in family medicine, dermatology, gynaecology, psychiatry and physiotherapy. "The doctors, therapists and medical practice assistants have been working together for more than ten years," writes Diethelm in the communication.

29 out of 30 people have resigned at Centramed
The announcement is the latest twist in the Zug doctors' dispute. Last week, we published a report on how the majority of the staff of the Centramed practice in Zug had resigned. It was unclear for a long time exactly how many people this was. Meconex AG, a subsidiary of the Sympany Group, which ran the practice, did not want to disclose details. It now appears, however, that 29 out of 30 employees have handed in their notice. The reason for the practically total departure of the staff is said to have been unrest, pressure for high efficiency and friction with the Board of Directors.

New operators feel no schadenfreude
Regarding the takeover of the Centramed workforce, Per-Erik Diethelm said on request that he does not feel any schadenfreude towards Meconex AG: "On paper, it could be said that we have wrangled a practical location from the competition. But we did not deliberately recruit the Centramed team." It was more a case of the doctors in Zug looking for an alternative, and the Ärztezentren Deutschschweiz AG offered to help.

As the parent company, the Ärztezentrum Deutschschweiz AG, which was founded in 2009, is responsible for a practice network that also includes medical centres in eastern Switzerland, the Zurich area and Basel.