Zug, 12.07.2019

New company appointed to prepare on-board catering on lake's ships


Earlier this year the Lake Zug Navigation Company (ZSSF) put its on-board catering service out to tender with the contract subsequently awarded to the Meee AG company of Rapperswil Jona in the canton of St Gallen.


It was explained that the contract with the current company which provides these services, the Kulinaria AG of Zurich, was due to expire at the end of this season. Of note is that this company also provided the catering for the Open-Air Cinema event in Zug.


Philipp Hofmann of the ZSSF, who is responsible for ensuring passengers are provided with on-board catering, said that the termination of the contract with the Zurich company presented a good opportunity to find out what sorts of catering were on offer in this line, the aim being to provide an attractive range of food with culinary dishes which went down well with the public, with four companies in all putting in an offer.


As mentioned, the contract was offered to Meee AG, not least for the new and good ideas it came up with in addition to its business prowess and the affinity it seemed to show towards guests participating in such trips and cruises; the firm’s subsidiary company, Edelweiss Catering, will also be involved. Indeed, this latter name may be familiar to some locals as it is also one of the partners of the Zug Chollerhalle and also provides the catering on board a number of ships on Lake Zurich.


The Meee AG is no stranger to event catering and earlier this year it served some of the VIPs attending the Formula-e Julius Bär Swiss e-Prix in Bern. What is more, it is exclusively “by appointment” to the Fifa Museum in the Enge area of Zurich.


Hofmann praised Kulinaria AG for all they had done and said what good partners they had been. As they disembark at the end of the season this year, Meee AG will be eager to show what it can do next year.