Zug, 24.09.2019

National Council-hopeful Niko Trlin of the SVP party feels sovereignity is all important

Niko Trlin is a resident of the city of Zug and works as a consultant in the printing and digitalisation area. The 41-year-old, who has Croatian roots but who now enjoys Swiss nationality, said he was seeking a seat in the National Council to address issues he feels voters consider important, among which is the sovereignty of the people of Switzerland.

He feels that Switzerland as an independent state is very much on an equal footing with other countries across the world when it comes to entering into agreements with them, not least when considering the industriousness of its people and the levels of innovation to be found here. “If we show any weakness, then other states will impose their regulations on us,” he warned, while adding that the country’s success was being hampered by unnecessary laws and bureaucratic obstacles. “The state should act where appropriate, but otherwise let the market economy have free rein. In this way, jobs will be secured, planning will be possible, with security and justice ensuing,” he insisted. As for those who paid too little respect to Swiss values, these were often treated far too leniently; “a tougher stance would serve as a warning and at the same time restore dignity to their victims,” he said. Of note is that Trlin is a member of the New Home Zug Association, which helps immigrants to integrate into Swiss society.

As to why he felt he should be elected, he said that, in him, the people of Zug would have someone who would represent the interests of the canton and Switzerland with application and humility.