Hünenberg , 02.12.2021

Municipal Council rejects 5G antenna

Hünenberg's municipal planning zone, which is in effect up to the end of 2024, also applies to the project on the Zythus site.

In June 2021, the Hünenberg municipal council (Gemeinderat) established a planning zone with regard to mobile phone antennas, and this zone covered all the building zones of the municipal area, with the exception of the work zones. With this planning zone, the municipal council wants to maintain planning and decision-making freedom with regard to the introduction of the so-called ‘cascade model’ for mobile phone antennas. Nothing may be carried out  within the planning zone that could complicate this project.

Sunrise was planning to install a 5G antenna by the Hünenberg Zythus City Rail station
Photo: Stefan Kaiser, Hünenberg

Two objections were received during the public announcement period for the planning zone, and the municipal council approved one objection and rejected the other on 23 November. The decision of June 2021 regarding the adoption of the planning zone was also confirmed by the municipal council. "The acceptance of the one objection means that the pending building application for the construction of a mobile phone antenna on the Zythus site is also covered by the planning zone, and is thereby rejected," the statement continues. This project was  a planned 5G system for Sunrise at the Hünenberg-Zythus City Rail station.

The decision of the municipal council is not yet legally binding and can be challenged by the government council (Regierungsrat) within 20 days.